About Me

Hi, my name is Victoria Rosas, most people call me Vicky.


I’m a Mexican artist, and yes I started drawing as soon as I was able to hold a crayon. My mom was a journalist, so since I was a baby she would take me with her to radio stations, newspapers, meetings, anything you can think of that’s related to writing and news, I was there! I was a pretty quiet baby but like most children I would get bored, so my mom would always bring coloring books, markers and crayons. I would grab newspapers and doodle all over them.

I spent many hour at radio stations and newspapers, because of this I have mental pictures, that

are super clear and colorful, of the huge metal desks, big windows that would cover most part of  the walls, many 70s and 60s flooring designs; typewrites…some of my fave memories as a child involve looking at my mom drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and write and write and write on beautiful typewriters. Even back then, even before I could read, I was able to perceive how special typewriters were, as well as the shapes the paragraphs made.

I’ve always been a rebel, my mom was very outspoken, she had a strong personality and she was never afraid of speaking up. So I guess the whole being-a-rebel thing is because of her.


I remember that even as a child I would say what I wanted and express very clearly what was not making me happy. I was not a rude child, but I know it was never easy for my mom to deal with me. Actually, the first time I “ran away from home” I was in kindergarten, I can’t remember the reason, all I can remember is that I was very upset, my mom was not letting me do something, so I told her that I was going to leave and never come back if she wouldn’t  let me do my thing, she said “go ahead, if you wanna leave, leave” so I picked up a scarf, a thing that looked like a giant wand (filled with glitter), I put a few small toys and took off, I walked out of the house, I walked for a while and then I was like “wait, what am I doing, I miss my mama” so I turned back to walk home and my mom was there, she had followed me to make sure I was safe, but she wanted me to realize own my own that leaving home was not a good idea.

I have a type A personality, I’m an ENTP (you can read about it here & here), my fave color is yellow, I adore animals, love tattoos and piercings, self-expression is like water or air for me, it’s not optional. I’m a typical Libra, I’m impulsive, I don’t like to sleep…growing old scares me like you wouldn’t believe it. I’m afraid of clowns and things that should be smooth but have bumps. I don’t want to have children, I don’t wanna get married.

I’ve had many near death experiences, and most of those times I made it because my mom saved me, for example: when I was about 4 years old I was at this preschool party and I saw all the kids playing in the pool so I went too, a few minutes later I was drowning, my mom was at work and she said she “saw” me drowning so she ran out of the office, got in her car, drove like a crazy person and made it just in time to get me out of the pool. So I do think miracles exist and they are unlimited.

My first language is Spanish of course. I learned English all own my own, I would listen to music and watch American TV shows all the time with the CC on, it took a while and I’m still learning everyday, but I honestly I speak English more often than Spanish.

I don’t like music in Spanish, I don’t like most Latin things. I love color, surrealism and Impressionism. I love watching movies, artistic shorts and animations. I hate dramas, I enjoy fantasy, comedies and sci-fi.

I like eating sweet and salty things at the same time, like fries dipped in ice cream.

When I was 8 or 9 I traveled Mexico with my mom and a few of her friends, like hippies, on a red VW kombi, it was amazing. I love road trips, yet I don’t know how to drive and I don’t wanna learn.

I love animals, and if I see somebody being mean to one, I would go up to them and let them know.


I have a cat, her name is Panza (means tummy/belly). I was on my way to work around 9pm and I saw her, she was so small she could fit in one hand. The poor thing was covered in oil, I knew I had to rescue her and I’m glad I did. She turned out to be a flame point Siamese mix, so her eyes are a bit crossed, she has bright orange spots on her face and body, her tail has stripes and her nose is sooo pink. She “talks” a lot, she rarely meows but she does make a lot of different noises. She likes to hug me, she’s afraid of guys… she’s ok with gay dudes though. She follows me around like a doggie, she likes to stare at me all the time, even when she sleeps she’s facing me. She doesn’t mind loud music but she’s terrified of fireworks.