My small collection of phobias

Wow “my small collection of phobias” sounds scary but this post should be light and fun. A phobia is an awful strong fear of something,┬ásome people react in extreme ways, some can’t control how they react and others can. I can.

My small collection is weird according to people so I thought, hey why not share!
And I hope you share yours too ­čÖé

As I mentioned, I can control how I react, I don’t get panic attacks and I don’t curl up or cry. I do get a high level of anxiety and I have to┬álook away. I’m pretty sure that if I don’t look away I’d faint.

I’m listing these from high to low level of anxiety.


Fear of bumps, odd textures, etc.
I don’t know anybody that has this phobia, and whenever people find out about this weird fear of mine, they just don’t get it. I know it’s┬áirrational and weird, but this phobia is the strongest, it makes my whole body go in this weird shock mode.

Some people, I’ve read, that have this one, are also afraid of holes, others are afraid of bubbles! I’m not, I actually love perfect circles,┬ábubbles, and patterns.
My fear is of things that SHOULD be smooth but have bumps. It can be skin, a tree, a wall, frogs, etc.


Fear of specific sounds like chewing.
A lot of you may have this, right? This one is more common and it’s understandable.

I can’t stand hearing those sounds, I have to get up and leave. It makes me angry more than fearful.
I have never ever reacted in a┬ánegative way towards the chewer haha, I mean I get that this is my thing and I’m sure they are not even being loud, I’m pretty sure I’m┬ámaking the noise sound louder in my head.

But yeah, I find it extremely grows and it makes me angry.


Fear of clowns.
I’m not afraid of scary clowns or clown toys. I’m afraid of real, normal looking clowns. And it’s not even a fear, I know they won’t hurt me or anything, but I get this extreme reaction. They make me feel really uncomfortable and I can’t look at them AT ALL.

I feel like clowns have these weird shapes and colors that don’t go together, and they are supposed to be happy but they always look SO┬áSO SAD! So my guess is that, all these contradictions are what make me feel this way.

So did I scare you with my list? I hope not.
These are things I can control, they don’t require medication or anything, they just require some walking way ­čÖé

If you have a quirky fear let me know!